Your Pixelmon NFT

Pixelmon NFTs will launch with the following features:
  • 3D Renders of High poly stylized models - Upon hatching your Gen 1 Pixelmon it will be a still image of its species. Through Training your Gen 1 Pixelmon NFT it will be able to achieve 2 different milestones. The first of these rewards is a visual upgrade giving your Pixelmon an unique animation to its species. The next one it will receive is the unique sound of its species. Training your Pixelmon is invaluable as it will ensure your Pixelmon is ready to evolve when the time comes.
  • Gasless Hatching Mechanism - Only you decide when you want to reveal your Pixelmon
To find more about the features to come please visit the roadmap page!
The unique animation and sound for each pixelmon species can be viewed here
Last modified 6mo ago