Pixelmon Training will operate in a similar process to soft lock staking.
Soft locking means that your NFT will not be transferred to a smart contract, you will have complete access to your NFT at all times, making the entire process much more convenient. If the address holding a specific Pixelmon changes (via buying, selling or transferring) at any time during the training process, the timer will be reset and the Pixelmon will need to be soft locked again via the new wallet/owner.
We opted for a soft locking set up as:
  • It is gasless
  • It will not impact our holder count on Open Sea
  • It will not impact our holder statuses on Discord
Training for a set period of time will give the ability to the holder to enhance their NFT metadata.
At this stage you will be able to unlock both visual as well as auditory enhancements to your NFTs initiating training on our website and not transferring the NFT from your wallet for the duration of the training period. After 14 days of training, your NFT will be upgraded with animations, and after 28 days (an additional 14 to the first 14) it’ll upgrade a second time to receive the auditory enhancements.
For more info please refer to this article.
You may access our staking pages HERE.