The final tokenomics for the project will be released in the following months as we continue to fine tune both the initial distribution shares that will be going to sectors including the airdrop for Generation 1 Pixelmon NFT holders, play and earn rewards, staking and liquidity pool creation, as well as the in game issuance, burns, and buyback mechanics. The main tokenomics strategy is being continuously discussed with internal stakeholders and main investors, and its design is developed with the support of gamefi tokenomics consultants of https://brightnode.io/.
The utility token is the primary currency of the entire game ecosystem; with a capped total supply and through the balancing of minting, issuance, burnings and buyback mechanisms it enables trades, staking and exchanges in game.

Obtaining the token

Pixelmon's in-game utility token will be earned in a variety of ways including participating in competitions, leaderboard periodic prizes, themed events, battles, selling NFTs, in-game items and resources.