The Economics of Create, Play & Own

The full Pixelmon game aims to build a play-to-own model, meaning it will be Free to Play without the need to pre-purchase NFTs and NFTs will be obtainable in game by all players, ensuring it remains free for anyone to access and play, bolstered with optional pay-to-play mechanics. The exceptions to this will be the Alpha and Beta releases that will be kept within the holder community. When connected to a blockchain network, in-game assets and characters will be transferable and tradeable beyond the Pixelmon servers..
Pixelmon will adopt a token-based economy with a main utility token working as the ecosystem’s currency, and a full stack of NFTs for all the main in-game assets, from land, to tools, skins, weapons (and, of course, Pixelmons) to allow players to own, trade, and participate in the overall development of the game economy. All future tokens will be on an L2 blockchain compatible with Ethereum blockchain.
In addition to the Pixelmon Species NFTs, land NFTs will play a key role in the game, enabling player yield and resource extraction - land will be split between urban and non urban types in the first phase of the game, a third category caled “regions” will be released as the game expands which will allow for creators to expand the map itself, regions will be in essence “to be developed” portions of game map that will contain within them new plots of urban and non urban land in addition to free / playable land.