Serums are the key to evolving your Pixelmon to its next level in order to obtain not only a new look, but stat boosts and new abilities also. In order to use a serum you must also own a Pixelmon NFT and a serum for that generation and the respective stage, that’s because to evolve a Pixelmon, a serum needs to be burned. To mint an evolution 2 Pixelmon NFT, the holder must hold an evolution 1 Pixelmon NFT that has not previously been used to mint an evolution 2 Pixelmon NFT and an evolution 2 serum NFT that will be burned. For Generation 1 there will only ever be 4,013 E2 serums (1,805 released at this stage), 1,206 E3 serums (unreleased) and 33 E4 serums (unreleased). As the evolutions increase the supply of their respective serums will decrease.The majority of all serums for Generation 1 and future generations will be earnable in-game via events and battles. Future generations serums will be released in the future.
Serums allow you to obtain a next evolution stage Pixelmon whilst retaining the previous stage, as such the total possible supply of Gen1 Pixelmon is ultimately equivalent to 10,000 E1 released plus all available serums.
Serum evolution will be rendered available for the step going from E1 to E2 before token and land airdrop snapshot and E2 Pixelmon in existence at the snapshot moment will also have the right to token and land airdrops.