Pixelmon Game Playing

Our vision is to develop a full ecosystem of playable experiences where all players can join and enjoy the Pixelmon universe. This include fighting grounds to challenge other players in tournaments, teams, and solo battles; social hubs to meet your friends, display your items and pixelmon, while accessing a full stack of mini games and social spaces; areas to manage your land, build infrastructures and extract resources; and of course an open world where to explore, catch and train your Pixelmon, engage in quests, and collect resources and prizes.
This vision entails a complex ecosystem of different gaming experiences that are being designed and co-developed in parallel, aiming at a fast paced schedule release of playable games at different stages to the market, always maintaining the best experiences for our players and the highest utility and value for our community. The first game will be the Arena Combat PvP : In Q1 2023, a selected group of testers from our community will be able to participate in the alpha version of Pixelmon: a PvP real time combat arena. For the first time, players will be able to truly experience the world of Pixelmon while allowing us to test and improve the features implemented in the game.