Game Development

The Pixelmon’s game ecosystem will be developed by a diverse team with strong expertise ranging from game development to gamedesign, as well as solidity, and blockchain development. We do so with our own in-house studio in codevelopment with experienced partners in the industry such as Magic Media and Kevuru Games Studios.
Magic Media is an international gaming and entertainment group, powered by building creativity and incubating innovation. They are home to an expansive group of professionals and industry-leading experts across all avenues from interactive entertainment, software, and application, to game development, cybersecurity, VFX, art, and animation. Magic Media has worked with the likes of Activision, Blizzard, Disney and Ubisoft, and now, we're excited to add Pixelmon to the list. You can learn more about Magic Media at magicmedia.studio. Kevuru Games https://kevurugames.com/ offers a full range of video game art and development services for creating entertainment projects based on expertise gained in 50+ accomplished projects for partners, as well as in publishing their own titles. Their clients are included in Forbes TOP 10 Video Game Publishers in the world and several projects they were involved in are in the top 20 best PC games in the world.