A look into Pixelmon

The Past, Present & Future of Pixelmon
Pixelmon began as a desire to create a fun, open and immersive world set to bridge the gap between NFT and mainstream gaming industries. Pixelmon will introduce a revolutionary play-to-own experience for millions of people across the ever growing space that is blockchain gaming.
In order to support mass adoption, the Pixelmon metaverse will be free for anyone to access and play with additional and optional pay-to-play mechanics. The way we are building will ensure holders of Pixelmon NFTs benefit the most from this ecosystem, by participating to land and token airdrops, as well as free in game access to paid features. . The Pixelmon gaming experience will be catered for all types of gaming enthusiasts, including, but not exclusive to; Solo, Multiplayer, PvP and PvE. When connected to a blockchain network, in-game assets and characters will be transferable and tradeable outside the Pixelmon metaverse. Pixelmon will be a metaverse available to all, giving immediate playable access on PC and mobile whilst continuing to develop a cross-platform experience that will be available on more platforms in future.