Welcome to Pixelmon!
Earth. Fire, Wind Dragons
Pixelmon has one goal: to develop the largest and highest quality game the NFT space has ever seen. A game that not only sets the industry standard for NFT games, but one that stands on its own within the wider gaming sphere. Pixelmon will build a virtual metaverse where you can connect with friends whilst you battle, train and bond with your Pixelmon, constantly exploring the unknown! A metaverse where you can trade items, customize your home, virtual character and much much more. This is merely a fraction what Pixelmon has planned and is only the prologue to the endless experiences that are yet to come within the world of Pixelmon!
Typically, a project this ambitious and pioneering would take at least 2 to 3 years to go from conception to actualization and final playable product. Pixelmon is set for its first playable release by Q4 of 2022, with an alpha release as early as Q3. This is a project that we will continue to develop for years and years to come, expanding our world and metaverse. We plan to keep expanding and innovating in order to achieve our goals to lead this industry in Web3 and beyond.
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